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50 Must Have Wedding Photographs

Do you want to become a professional wedding photographer?
Have you been asked to take photographs at a friends wedding?
Do you need to know the top 50 "Must Have" wedding photographs that will make your bridal couple happy and help you make great sales?
In this book, you will learn about the "50 Must Have" shots for any wedding.  
This valuable checklist of images you must have will make sure every wedding shoot you do is complete, profitable and loved by your bride and groom.
You will be shown examples of each image you must have.  You can copy these poses and compositions or adapt them to your own style.
All the images are created using standard and simple equipment and by a single photographer.  You will only need 1 camera, 1 speedlight and yourself to capture all these images.   You can build on these images for a wider range of photography.
If you have an assistant or second shooter then this makes a great guide for them to work through and use as a checklist.


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FREE: A Sampler To All Our Books (PDF)

A free sample of chapters from all my books.
This is your taster collection so you can see the style and contents of each of the books before you buy them.


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FREE: Guide to Colour, Composition and Creativity (PDF)

A quick short PDF guide that will give you the basics of how to use colour and composition in your photography.
Has an added bonus chapter on creativity and how to spark it as well.


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PaintShop Pro Killer Tips: Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Shortcuts from a PSP Professional (PDF)

See 50 great tips, tricks, recipes and little secrets from my 20 years as a PSP user.
In this book I am going to try and show 50 great tips, tricks, recipes and little secrets that I have learnt over my 20 years of using the various versions of Paint Shop Pro, all the way back from its very earliest days from JASC through to the latest Corel versions.
Whether you are a scrapbooker, a web designer, a photographer I've got a little bit of everything for you here.


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